These new LDV and Mercedes models leave nothing upturned.  Preparation of the vehicle to become customer ready is a story on its own.  From manufacturing through to sales and customer service every aspect is custom designed and meets a set of industry standards before it goes on the road.

Established in 2016, Heron Campers is a small campervan business that provides top of the range, luxury Motorhome rentals.  There are 3 motorhome types:  The 2016 LDV Heron 4, the 2016 Mercedes Sprinter Heron Trio and the 2016 LDV Heron Twin.

Heron customers enjoy an apartment style camper.  All Certified Self-Contained, offer their own special features, including a built in kitchen, shower and toilet and heating system.   This fleet caters for families and couples from two to four people, who are after that first class self-drive holiday around New Zealand.

The Heron range is available for pickup in Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand.  Vehicles can travel country-wide.

Heron makes it easy for you to book their campers by offering a ‘One Price Package’ offer. This package includes: The self-contained certificate, vehicle insurance, a media kit and additional items. For further information, view:  Heron Campers